Thursday, 9 February 2017

Suqqu Summer 2017

Suqqu will release its marine-themed Summer 2017 collection on 1 May in Japan. The collection includes two limited edition (sigh) Designing Color Eyes (6800yen), a blush/bronzer palette, two lip shades and their revamped Nail Polish line (2500yen, 10 shades). Pics by Maquia.

Pic below by & Rosy.

The ever brilliant Wondegondigo has an excellent post on the current Spring 2017 collection and Suqqu's reformulation of its beloved eyeshadow range. The brand continues to be a main staple of my collection but my love affair with it has faded greatly following their recent distribution issues in the UK, most notoriously with the UK-exclusive Summer 2016 collection which descended into complete chaos to the frustration of many longtime fans. The recent release of the Spring 2017 collection was also marred by instant sell-outs on, although the brand continues to insist that customers can place orders by emailing them directly. My Suqqu collection is massive enough that I no longer feel the need to chase down their new releases, especially when they can't seem to sort out their distribution issues even months after the fiasco of last summer. It's a brand that I still love but not enough to jump through these crazy hoops. For anyone still trying to get their hands on Suqqu's latest releases, you are probably better off trying a personal shopper service based in Japan, for example through or (which come with their own fees but are at least more reliable).


Bellyhead said...

Hi Iris, thank you for sending me link love. When I wear makeup there is always something SUQQU I wear. I love my old eye shadow palettes dearly. I've had some mixed feelings seeing these changes and SS17 is so different.
I just wish it wasn't such an ordeal buying and trying some of these new things! I've been observing all the frustration by long time customers!

Caty said...

I managed to get the LE Spring palette and while it's nice I don't love the formula as much as the Blend Color Eyeshadows. I'll probably try one more quad (if they ever restock this year) but I'm in the same boat as you - my Suqqu collection is large enough as is. No point in chasing down products anymore.

I hope Lunasol keeps up their momentum from the Spring collection, at least it's nowhere near as frustrating to obtain.

diva said...

Totally agree with you on that... it's so much easier buying off Ichibankao or Bonboncosmetics, despite the price difference, and I'm in the UK of all things! That said, I've enjoyed buying and swatching directly off the Suqqu counters in Japan and Taiwan. The experience is certainly a world's difference.

Ming said...

Hi, Haru:

I can't agree with your opinion more!
The UK 10th anniversary collection was really a nightmare for me.
Just don't understand why it'd be so hard for Suqqu to manage their limited palettes, especially recent years.
Though I got all limited palettes last year, just like you said, my love to Suqqu is gradually fading, too.

Unknown said...

I'm going to sound bitter but I really am not feeling this collection. This is like Suqqu copying RMK but looking like a cheapo bootleg! I know Suqqu is trying to rebrand itself but given that I always had the impression that Suqqu marketed itself as this cool, minimalist and effortless chic brand, it's a shame that the package design and overall aesthetic isn't as innovative and minimalistic as it was before (heck, copy THREE if you have to, but going RMK (and I do love RMK) just seems childish).