Sunday, 12 March 2017

Guerlain Summer 2017 Bring Out The Light

Guerlain is releasing a limited edition Meteorites Birthday Candle Perles (7100yen) on 1 May in Japan to commemorate the 30th anniversary of this iconic product. It contains gold, pink, white and champagne pearls to give skin a lit-from-within candlight glow. There will also be a new Meteorites Baby Glow Touch (5100yen) stick highlighter and two limited edition KissKiss lipsticks (4300yen) #567 Pink Sunrise and #542 Orange Pep.


Christina said...

I don't have any hopes that they'll release the meteorites to the North American market, but I think this version looks beautiful, more than the spring one that released in the globe container. Looks like I'll have to turn to ebay or my trusted overseas friendly buyer to obtain one, but I am so worried that the balls will break. LOL!

Haru said...

hi Christina,
I don't think this is Asia or Japan-exclusive, so it could well be available in US and Europe too. Guerlain doesn't do Asia-exclusive products that often, aside from the Blanc whitening skincare and makeup collections every spring/February. Good luck getting it!

Christina said...

Oh that is good to know! I don't collect every meteorites that come out, but this one is too girly and pretty to pass up!