Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Three New Base Makeup

Aside from the new Angelic Complexion Primers, Three will also be launching a new Angelic Symbiosis Foundation SPF11 PA+ (5400yen for 30g, 3 shades) and Radiant Wand Invisible concealer (3800yen, 3 shades) on 3 May in Japan. The foundation is a smoothing powder-infused oil-gel formula that does not need to be finished with loose powder. It also contains sea buckthorn oil which has high in antioxidant properties and Vitamin C. The soft mousse texture helps to provide a cool matte finish while concealing skin unevenness. What's odd is that it will be available only in three shades, given that earlier Three foundations are available in 7 to 10 shades.

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