Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Maquillage Snow Beauty 2017

Maquillage continues its annual ritual of releasing a new Snow Beauty face powder on 21 September in Japan this year. The fourth generation Snow Beauty Whitening Face Powder 2017 is formulated with a new 'smooth base powder' and 'snow connecting powder' for a soft, translucent and non-powdery finish. It can be used during the day as a finishing powder and also at night as a skincare product. The case is inspired by the winter sunset scene in Prague.

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Caty said...

I'm still working on using up my 2016 Snow Beauty but I'm glad to hear the formula will be tweaked. I find if you use the puff to apply you get a very white powdery look.

This might be the prettiest Snow Beauty yet! I'll definitely be picking this up.