Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Body Shop Sakura Collection

Spring in Japan is invariably associated with cherry blossoms (sakura). The sight of hundreds of majestic cherry blossom trees blooming along the river banks in Japan and casting showers of light pink petals on the sidewalks is simply a magical experience that stays with one forever.

To be honest, I'm not a big fan of sakura-fragranced products or sakura-flavoured food but I do like the look of the Body Shop's Sakura collection which will debut on 23 February in Japan.

1. Sakura Body Butter, 3150yen for 200ml

2. Sakura Bath and Shower Gel, 1890yen for 250ml

3. Sakura Eau de Toilette, 3990yen for 50ml: Top notes of magnolia, Fuji apple and osmanthus; middle notes of star jasmine, sakura and persimmon; bottom notes of fruity musk, hinoki cypress and sandalwood.

4. Sakura Pure Body Lotion, 2625yen for 250ml


Anonymous said...

the packaging sure looks good. i guess this is only exclusive to Japan?


Anonymous said...

i was wondering if it will reach singapore? the packaging looks so nice!

Haru said...

I haven't seen anything to indicate that it is Japan-exclusive but perhaps it's best to check with the local SAs?

Anonymous said...

oh.. thanks!

Unknown said...

Here in Greece we already got the collection. I smelled the perfume and it's amazing! But the most amazing is the body butter, seriously it's made from heaven, but way to expensive! I didn't like the texture of the body lotion because it doesn't have the texture of a lotion, it's more like a gel.