Sunday, 27 January 2008

Esprique Precious New Base Makeup

March is the time of the year when Japanese makeup brands launch their new spring/summer base makeup products. For this spring, Esprique Precious will be debuting its new base makeup collection on 16 Feb in Japan, comprising the following:

1. Dramatical Stay Pact UV (3360yen for refill, 1050yen for case): 2-way powder foundation with "Shine Block Powder", "Zero Shine Powder" and "Clear Smooth Powder" for a long-lasting smooth finish. SPF25 PA++

2. Dramatical Stay Liquid UV (4200yen for 34g): Formulated with a "Long Lasting Polymer" to combat oxidisation. SPF25 PA++

3. Dramatical Stay Base (3150yen, 30g): Makeup primer with SPF20, PA++

4. Toning Lotion (945yen for 60ml, 2940yen for 200ml): Formulated with a "Soft Smoothing Polymer" and witch hazel for reducing the appearance of pores.

5. Matte Veil (2310yen for 11g): mattifying primer

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