Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Giorgio Armani Spring '08

Armani's spring collection was launched yesterday in Japan and I've been going back and forth trying to decide whether to get a CP of the Fluid Blushes.

The Fluid Blushes come in two limited edition shades, #17 Apricot and #18 Fluorescent Pink. The price has been raised from 4200yen to a horrifying 5250yen. I like the Fluid Blushes a lot but the high price tag is a big turn-off. Not to mention I'm still far from finishing up the two Fluid Blushes from last year's Berry Collection.

Other items in the collection:
Maestro Eyeshadow: #7 Apricot Pink, #8 Sparkling Pink, #9 Peach Pink, #16 Emerald Green and #19 Pearl Beige, 3990yen

Armani Silk Lipstick #67 (shimmer beige) and #75 (orange gold), 3885yen

Lip Shimmer lipgloss #49 (beige pink), 3675yen

There is also a new pressed Silk Powder (6300yen for 6.6g) which is available in 7 shades. It is a finishing powder that is formulated with Armani's Micro-Fil Technology for a super silky, lightweight texture.

Here's a preview of the limited edition Armani Silk (lipstick) Caffe Collection that will be launched on 13 February in Japan.

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cewek said...

I wonder if Australia will be getting the Fluid blushes and if it will be any cheaper here? Having said that, apparently GA is cheaper in KL and of course the US, why not trying to get a CP from those places Iris?