Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Anna Sui Makeup Color Collection D

Anna Sui will be releasing Makeup Color Collection D which is a decorative dresser set that features Anna Sui's most popular makeup items and signature colors. Measuring 21.6cmx20cmx19cm, it includes:
1. Lip Brush
2. Eyeshadow Tip & Brush
3. Puff S
4. Face Color D
5. Eyeshadow D
6. Lip Color D
7. Lip Balm D

The limited edition set will retail for 18,900yen starting 21 August in Japan. It's super-pricey but looks like a must-have for any Anna Sui fan!

Anna Sui will also launch its revamped nailpolish and tools collection on the same day.
1. Nail File (1890yen)
2. Nail Art Sticker (840yen): 3 variations
3. Top Coat N (1680yen)
4. Base Coat N (1680yen)
5. Nail Art Color N (1680yen): 15 shades
6. Nail Color N (1680yen): 38 shades

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Jnie said...

Ooh...that is super cute