Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Cosme Decorte AQ Revamp

Cosme Decorte AQ will re-launch its color makeup line with a new floral-motif gold packaging and "Grace Supreme" brand motto on 21 August in Japan. This will be the first revamp of Cosme Decorte AQ since its introduction in 2000 as Kose's premium-priced "high prestige" luxury makeup brand.

The distinctive feature of the newly revamped line is that all the products are formulated to provide skincare benefits with moisturising and emollient ingredients such as gold colloid powder, Japanese white birch extract, Western princes pine extract, rosehip oil, safflower extract etc.

1. Rouge Supreme lipstick: 10 shades, 6300yen
2. Shadow Supreme eyeshadow quad: 5 palettes, 6825yen
3. Light Focus (base & highlight color): 3 shades, 3675yen
4. Nuance Glow (highlight color): 3 shades, 7350yen
5. Face Color: 5 shades, 7350yen
6. Mascara Excellent: 2 shades, 4725yen
7. Liquid Eyeliner N: 5 shades, 4725yen
8. Pencil Eyeliner N: 2 shades, 4725yen
9. Pencil Eyebrow N: 4 shades, 4725yen
10. Lipliner: 7 shades, 4725yen
11. Nail Supreme: 10 shades, 3150yen

1 comment:

Kathi said...

The new palette style looks very attractive! I fear the e/s might be mediocre quality though =(

Btw, it's from Kose, not Kanebo =)