Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Maquillage Fall '08

Pics of the pamphlet for Maquillage's Autumn '08 collection, "Mode Mix Maquillage!", from 2Channel. The collection is due out on 21 July.


Anonymous said...

This collection looks very interesting. Are you eyeing anything?

Anonymous said...

hey haru, it's me again,
i'm wondering if you know what the grams/mL of the maquillage liquid concealer is, and would you recommend the stick or liquid one for asian skintone? have you tried any other ones that are avaliable on adambeauty.com that are good? thanks a bunch!!!

Haru said...

Hey Michelle!

I'm not a big fan of Maquillage in general, haven't been tempted by any of their stuff really. So I'll probably be skipping this one too.

Hi Millie,
Sorry, I'm afraid I haven't tried that many concealers. The ones that I'm using are from discontinued brands. The Maquillage website doesn't state the net weight of the liquid concealer so I'm afraid I can't help there as well.

Nekopko said...

O.O Agness Deyn.... Nooooooo......
Other then that I am a bit more intersted in the lip colour.