Sunday, 1 June 2008

My Makeup Bag

Having an enormous makeup stash means that it is pretty much impossible for me to use anything up or to hit pan on something unless it is a daily staple. I also have to make sure that I rotate regularly among the different brands in my stash so that I get at least some use out of most things that I buy. This year, I've been pretty good at strictly limiting myself to buying only items that I think are a must-have instead of doing huge hauls just because I can.

Here's a look at the current contents of my makeup pouch, the one that I carry with me when I don't have time to put on my makeup before I get to the office. I have found that I basically need only about 5 items to achieve what I think is a presentable look. And those 5 items are foundation, eyebrow powder, mascara, eyeshadow and eyeshadow primer. I often skip blush if I don't have enough time or don't feel like carrying an extra item. I often also skip lipstick or lipgloss as sometimes I can't be bothered to re-apply them after drinking or eating.

Eyeshadow Primer: I've just finished my tube of T'estimo Bright Up Eye Base which was my staple for the past 2 years. Currently, I'm using Ipsa Melty Cream Color #3 Vanilla, which is a shimmery white cream eyeshadow that was part of a limited edition Sweets-themed makeup set that Ipsa released for its 20th anniversary a couple of years ago.

Eyeshadow: Lavshuca Summer Gradually Compact #2 Windy Aqua Beach ranks as one of my favourite makeup purchases for 2008 to date. I love the mix of blue and mint green eyeshadows that are silky and well-pigmented. You can create a lovely smokey eye or a lighter, more colorful look with this palette. The blues in this palette are not as bright or shockingly vibrant as say, MAC Parrot, but that actually means they are easier to wear as you don't have to worry about over-doing it and looking like a clown. I actually ended up liking this palette more than Lunasol Sheer Contrast Eyes EX01 Blue Green Coral as I found the shades in the Lavshuca palette to be more flattering.

Mascara: Currently, I'm using Origins Full Story Mascara, which is decent enough but tends to clump if there is too much product on the brush. For ease of application and really long lashes, I still prefer Awake All Direction Mascara Stardom. I have also been using Majolica Majorca Lash Enamel Glamour Neo but it also has an annoying tendency to clump.

Eyebrow Powder: For the past 6 years, I've been using MAC Cork as my eyebrow powder. It's only the second MAC eyeshadow that I've ever hit pan on (the first being Vapour which used to be my staple eyeshadow base). With more than half the pan left, I reckon it can last me another good couple of years! It looks natural and is a breeze to use so I've never felt the need to look for an alternative.

Foundation: I've come to prefer powder foundation to liquid foundation as powder foundations are much easier to apply and tend to last better on my oily skin. My current staple is Jill Stuart Powder Foundation and to my delight, I actually hit pan on this a couple of weeks ago! Hopefully, I'll finish it by the time I head to Tokyo for a holiday :-) My other staple is Esprique Precious Beauty Skin Pact UV, which I've also just hit pan on. The main difference between the two is that the Jill Stuart foundation has micro shimmer particles for a more glowy look while the Esprique Precious foundation has a completely matte finish. Both have good coverage and a natural finish.

Blush: The two blushes that I've been reaching for most frequently are Cynthia Rowley for Avon All Over Face Powder Medium-Deep and Jill Stuart Mix Compact Blush #2 Rose Bloom but I usually don't carry these around with me as I'm afraid of breaking them. Both give a healthy rosy glow that looks natural and lasts well throughout the day.

Loose Powder: If I'm doing my makeup at home, I usually finish off with a light dusting of Jill Stuart Loose Powder #1 Natural for a more polished look. The Jill Stuart Powder Foundation looks pretty good used on its own but when topped off with the loose powder, the loose powder gives it a soft focus, dreamy quality that just makes it look even better. But as the loose powder comes in a bulky tub, I never carry it around with me as well.


Kathi said...

Great post! I love looking at other ppl's makeup bag contents! You carry a great assortment of items with you!
I agree on the Lavshuca's a great and very wearable collection of colors with a great texture! =D

watercoloursky said...

i don't think i'll ever hit pan in any of my stuff either, I have too many items to rotate between as well :S

out of curiosity :) what are the other eyeshadows in that MAC palette, besides Cork?

Anonymous said...

I've been debating on whether I should buy the Jill Stuart foundation ever since I tried a sample last month...Now I'm convinced I need it!! You've got me wanting the powder too! said...

I love looking at peoples make up bags as well!

Its a great feeling when you hit the bottom of the pan (not very often for me :/)

Your not scared of carrying bulkier things are you? I always seem to end up carrying tube/pencil type things cos it seems to take less space but its not always what I want to have with me!

I think I need to dissect my make up bag too now!

Yunisu said...

cargolover you must get the JS powder foundation (the old version, not the new version)! I've just convinced 8hourcream to try it out :P said...

This is 8hourcream! Yes I ordered it :D Actually I was bad I ordered the old and the new version. I am slowly starting to love powder foundations :)

AskMeWhats said...

I love your makeup bag!!! Got great collection!!!! thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...


great post! how about taking a picture of your makeup bag as well?

Haru said...


The other eyeshadows in the MAC palette are Vex, Fontainebleu and Shimmermoss (I think).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! What a great pared down collection for daily use.

Anonymous said...

Are you still using JS loose powder? I bought one during my last trip to Tokyo and after seen your makeup bag, I also want the powder foundation! So I planned to buy it when I go to Tokyo end of Oct.