Monday, 4 May 2009

LeSportSac Beauty Girl

The LeSportsac Beauty Girl Emily bag landed on my doorstep today! It's lightweight enough for every day use with convenient side pockets yet roomy enough to fit my gym outfit, wallets, iPod and schedule book.

As mentioned in one of my earlier posts, the Beauty Girl print is exclusive to Japan. Luckily, I had a friend in Japan who was kind enough to help me order it. Delivery was amazingly speedy and took just 2 days from the day that my friend placed the order online.

The advantage of LeSportSac bags is that they can be easily folded up and stashed away in your suitcase for travelling. They take up so little space that I often bring along three or four to use depending on the situation and need. They're also relatively easier to wash and maintain than most bags.

If you have a friend in Japan willing to help you order it, the LeSportSac Japan website still has many Beauty Girl bag styles in stock here. Delivery is a standard 500yen within Japan but there is free delivery for purchases of over 15,000yen.

And this is the Beauty Girl case that I got together with the LeSportSac 35th Anniversary mook (thanks to AhCapp for helping me pick this up from Kino!). It's well-made and of the exact same quality as the normal LeSportSac pouches. It has three zip compartments and a few card slots. The mook has already sold out at Kino, which will not be bringing in any more shipments. It is also sold out on Amazon Japan.

Suggestions on how to use the case as a passport case, pill case, wallet and stationery case.

The mook also featured several Japanese ladies and how they used their LeSportSac bags for different occasions.

Weekender bag.

An Overnighter bag stuffed with many smaller pouches. The Overnighter was also my go-to bag when I used to do tons of CPs in Tokyo a few years ago.

The next Artist in Residence is Japanese artist Matsuyama Tomokazu. The collection featuring three prints will be released in the fall.

Celebrities spotted carrying LeSportSac bags such as Milla Jovovich, Andie MacDowell, Jane Krakowski and Hilary Duff.


AhCapp said...

Wow, your new bag rocks! It's sooo pretty! ^_^ I think it's the print which is making all of us excited. LOL

I like this LSS mook. =) The pics are enough to make me drool. Call me silly, but I can't bear to use my beauty girl pouch now. I am not a beauty girl, but a dirty girl! I am so scared that I will dirty it. It's like having laska when you are wearing a white top? I am that kind of woman! (-_-;)

Haru said...

Hey AhCapp,

I was so tempted to order more than one bag! But finally made myself stop at only one, as I already have about a dozen LSS bags ;-p But the Beauty Girl print is just too cute and cheerful, looking at it makes me happy! Like you, I'd probably just hang the case from the mook somewhere I can see it frequently rather than use it as I'm also afraid of dirtying it! Maybe will use it on my next vacation :-)

Thank you so much for helping me snap it up in such a timely fashion!

Yiling said...

How do you wash them? I tried handwashing my Fafi but I think the damage has been done..its permanently dulled.. *sob*

Haru said...

I usually rinse it with water and then rub some soap over it lightly, then rinse off the suds and hang it to dry. I haven't noticed any dulling of my bags after washing.

Just checked the tag on my Beauty Girl bag and it says "Some dulling may occur on first wash. Hand wash in cold water."

Vonvon said...

Hi there,

yea, I got the Beauty Girl sling bag from Mook. Thanks to my friend who rushed to help me buy it. And it was the last one, from the browsing copy. But I don't care. But I don't have the heart to use it just yet. ;)

Catherine said...

So cute!

izumi said...

wow!! so lucky, i wish i could get some hahaha :) but they might be a tad too cutesy for me. love that you're loving it though!

Mia said...

really cute bag!

Yiling said...

Mine says "Do not wash" but I was too desperate so I tried.. erm I was too kind with my words, its more dirty then dull :P Last resort would be to seek professional help!! but Thanks haru!!

Tricia said...

Hey Iris! Did you get any fifi lapin x lss? I'm a sucker for them and I'm wondering if you went crazy for them. :)

psst...I ordered the Beauty Girl too. I couldn't resist!

Haru said...

Hi Tricia,
I didn't get any Fifi Lapin as I didn't like the rabbit character illustrations! I went crazy over the Tokidoki series from a couple of years ago and got about 7 of those.

Hi Yiling,

That's so strange that it says 'do not wash'... then how is one supposed to keep it clean?! Good luck with it though!

Yumeko said...

i loooove it! i cant wait to get mine! heeee

pinky"the-middle-name-is-princess"beanie said...

Hi, it was great meeting up today and put a face to the name :) Take care!

laetitia said...

the beauty girl print looks nice, i regret not getting the mook

makeupmag said...


I think I should stick with the Medium Tribeca? I'm not sure if the other cuts would fit me.

~ Off to take a look at the link you posted! ;)

Christine said...

Hi, nice print, although I'm more into the kids-type designs. I'm addicted to LS as well, it's gotten kinda bad. I just counted 11 plus my wallet. Now I want an Erika tote in the Cookout print, which is also very white, so I hear you about the stain-factor-fear.

The thing with LS is that you never know what's coming (obviously), so there might be something even better down the line, or not (as there was for me for a long time) and then what you postponed buying in hopes of a better design is long sold.

Regarding washing: I've had super success with immersing them in a bucket or sink of warm soapy water, gently rubbing it like a garment. Then rinse a few times, comes out like new. I get chills thinking of how beautiful these bags are :-) I'm glad I'm not alone!!

Christine said...

Isn't it CRAZY how they don't make the Medium Tribeca Tote for North America? It's one of my favourites (great lunchbag!); I have 3 of it! Same thing with the Molly style.

Anonymous said...

i've had success washing with the dylon fabric bleah pen (less than S$10, can get it from supermarkets). i just brush it over the entire bag and wash off and it comes out super bright clean & sparkling =D

works for agnes b dumpling bags too.

Anonymous said...

Iris can you please pretty please take a picture of total LS bags to increase my lemming of your collections??

I have only a few tokidoki bags and I am interested in increasing my stash...

Many thanks

Haru said...

Hi Julie,

Most of my collection is in storage while I'm waiting for my new apartment to be completed. I'll take a pic of what I have with my now and post it soon, but it won't be all of my collection.

Carla said...

Now I want it too. :) It's so adorable!

Fay said...

I have a question I live in the Netherlands and I totaly love LeSportsac. How much are they (in dollars)And is it possible to order?
thanx xx Fay

Haru said...

Hi Fay,

You can use to find out the prices of the LeSportSac bags in yen converted to US$. I'm afraid LeSportSac Japan website does not ship internationally so the only way to order is to ask a friend in Japan to help you order it.

Linda said...

I love my Emily bag, I can fit almost anything in it when I don't need a tote bag =D

Question for u~~ How did you get that Anna Sui clock on your sidebar? It's so cute! I want to put it on my own webpage!

Anonymous said...

hi haru , i love reading your blog .full of beauty stuff , and can i ask u where to get the beauty girl bag? can get it from singapore or online order? is so.... nice loi :)