Monday, 26 December 2011

KIM Brushes

Recently, KIM Brushes sent me a selection of their brushes for review. KIM is the line of professional handmade makeup brushes by Rekab, which has 100 years of experience in making fine art brushes.

The pic below shows (from top to bottom) the Eye Shader 122, Narrow Lip 311 and Small Angle 131 brushes. The Eye Shader 122 brush (US$12) is a flat synthetic brush with a width of 1cm that is suitable for "shiny shadows and for precise and fine make-up". The bristles are very smooth and well-shaped with a nice firmness. I find it a tad large for eye makeup. Instead, I like to use it for applying concealer under the eyes and also the sides of the nose.

The Narrow Lip 311 brush (US$9) is a flat brush with a slightly tapered tip. This worked very well for applying lipsticks and lipglosses precisely and evenly. With very pigmented lipsticks like MAC Candy Yum-Yum (a neon, matte pink), applying straight from the tube tends to deposit too much product on the lips but using a lip brush allows one to gradually layer the shade to the desired intensity.

The Small Angle 131 brush (US$10) is a flat angular brush that can be used for lining the eyes as well as the eyebrows. This worked well for applying gel eyeliners without tugging at the skin, but it was not quite thin enough for creating a precise small upward flick at the outer corners.

The Round F251 brush (US$39) is a duo fibre brush designed for application of liquid make-up. In terms of the size and shape, it is very similar to the MAC #187 brush which retails at US$42.

I like using the F251 brush for applying blushes and face highlighters as it helps to provide an even, almost airbrushed-like finish. Although it did shed a few hairs during the first time I washed it, it did not shed during the times that I used it to apply makeup.

All four brushes feel well made with smooth wooden handles. The metal ferrules are fastened firmly without any visible glue bits. With the exception of the F251 brush, the brushes did not shed. However, the handles are a tad long for my liking and tend to knock into the mirror when I lean too close (as I'm short-sighted).

KIM Brushes are based in the US and they ship internationally. The list of countries that they ship to can be found here.

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