Saturday, 31 December 2011

Soap & Glory Cheekmate

Being a fan of Soap & Glory's bodycare line, I was elated when they launched a full makeup range earlier this year. It did not make its way to Sephora Singapore this year so I had my husband pick up a few items from Boots in London. Cheekmate, a cherry red cheek and lip stain, was top of my shopping list.

Like their bodycare line, Soap & Glory's makeup line is very affordably priced with fun concepts and great product design with their trademark sense of humor. Cheekmate retails officially at just £8, but my husband actually paid less as Boots had a "3 for the price for 2" offer on S&G, as they frequently seem to do.

Enriched with Vitamin C, kiwi and raspberry extracts, Cheekmate is a lightweight gel stain that melds effortlessly into the skin for a healthy rosy color. It comes in a convenient travel-friendly squeeze tube that makes it easy to control the amount of product dispensed. The tube looks tiny with only 11ml of product, but the gel stain is well-pigmented so one only needs a very tiny amount for each application. Even with daily use, one tube is likely to last at least 4 months.

Aside from its non-greasy feel, I was also impressed by its lasting power on my skin. It wore very well over more than 8 hours without any fading, much better than most powder blushes that I've tried. The gel texture is also easier to apply without any streaks than Benefit's Benetint. I don't use it on my lips as I prefer lipglosses or lipsticks.

Here are some comparison swatches with the other cheek stains in my collection. The pic below shows (from left to right): Cheekmate, Becca Beach Tint in Watermelon, Essence Bloody Mary Blush Gel and Armani Blushing Fabric #1. Both Cheekmate and the Essence Blush Gel have a clear gel texture whereas the Becca and Armani blushes have more of a cream texture that sheers out to a translucent finish.

Compared to Cheekmate, Becca Watermelon Beach Tint has a more orange undertone while the Essence Blush Gel is more raspberry and Armani Blushing Fabric #1 is more candy pink. Only the Armani blush has the faintest hint of gold shimmer. Cheekmate is the most well-pigmented of the lot. All four can be layered easily for a more intense finish but Cheekmate takes the least amount of product to achieve an intense swatch of color.

When applying Cheekmate, I apply it much more lightly, like the swatch on the extreme left of the photo below. If you have access to Soap & Glory's makeup line, Cheekmate is definitely well worth checking out. I hope Soap & Glory releases more shades in the future.

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Katina said...

Hi Iris

I was so happy to know that Watson's sold Essence cosmetics but was dissappointed that they didnt sell the cheek stain.

Have a Happy New Year!!

Haru said...

Thanks, Katina! Happy new year to you too! The trend collection currently at Watsons NAC was released in July in Europe, so perhaps the Vampire's Love collection will arrive in a couple of months?

Katina said...

Hi Iris

Thanks for the reply. I just wanted to wish you all the best for 2012. I have been reading your blog since last year and have enjoyed all the latest fashion info. I want to thank you again for renewing my interest in makeup!!!

Soap & Glory said...


Soap & Glory here. We love your blog post so much we've linked to it on our website. Hope that's ok? :)

Haru said...

Wow, yes, of course it's fine! Thank you :-)