Monday, 26 December 2011

Paul & Joe and Anna Sui Website Updates

The Paul & Joe website has been updated with the Kitten collection. According to Grazia, the collection will be launching exclusively on on 1 January. It will also be available in London at Fenwick on 14 January and Harrods from 23 January 2012. For Japan, the Collection Sparkles face colors and lipsticks will be released on 6 January and the rest will debut on 3 February. Right now, is having a sale on the Manhattan and Ornamental collections for fall and winter.

The Anna Sui website has also been updated with the Rose Fairy Collection.


Jan S said...

The P&J cat collection is so cute!!! and such nice tempting to buy them all :/

Haru said...

Exactly how I feel, but will resist the temptation!

Connie De Alwis said...

I've been resisting their kitty makeup since the last collection that came out since they only had the lipstick but now looking at the blush/eyeshadows... gotta have them!

Elaine said...

Yay to Anna Sui Rose blushers! *so pretty!*

gary ringo said...

Will the kittens inspired makeup be available in Singapore?
Can't resist anything with cats on them!!

macaroon said...

Thank u for the update:) I have been waiting for it. Which ones do you intend to get?

Anonymous said...

Hi haru, I want to have a peach blusher. Any recommend ? I wish to have peach cute cheeks :)

Haru said...

Do check out Canmake's blushes, both the Powder Cheeks and the Cheek & Cheek duos offer some peach shades:

hi macaroon,
I haven't quite decided yet but I definitely want the pressed powder in the kitten case, a couple of the blush sticks and lipsticks. The eyeshadows don't look that exciting to me.

hi gary,
yes, the collection will be available in Singapore too, probably around February.

Rock on! Anna Sui said...

Hi Haru,

have you seen the latest Iswii entry for Anna Sui?

What does it mean? My translator says
"January 2012 began, ALBION cut will start a new page, ALBION will not just manufacturing ANNA SUI cosmetic, it will start to manage the overseas markets outside Japan, including Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Southeast Asia and the airport duty-free shops, a total of more than 180 ANNA SUI cosmetic counters."

Weren't they already...? What will the difference be really?

Haru said...

The Anna Sui makeup line used to be distributed by Proctor & Gamble outside of Japan. Albion manufactured the line but only had the distribution rights within Japan. With this change, Albion will be taking over the distribution outside of Japan in markets like Taiwan.