Thursday, 22 December 2011

Ladurée Les Merveilleuses

The Japanese online media is now awash with pics of the Ladurée Les Merveilleuses makeup line launching in February in Japan. You can view pics on Yahoo Japan, Kirei no Hone, Fashion Press, Sachiko's Happy Keywords, 25ans, and Miki's Happy Blog.

Face Color Rose Ladurée: Available in 3 shades, these are meant to be applied by simply running a brush over the petals. (7350yen for the refill; 3150yen for the pot)

Cream Cheek Base (4410yen, 5 shades)

Pressed Cheek Color: Available in 20 shades. (3900yen for refill; 1575yen for the case and brush)

The range also includes Translucent Makeup Base (5250yen), Fluid Foundation (6090yen, 3 shades), Face Powder (8820yen for refill, 3780yen for pot; 4 shades), Color Control Base (3990yen), Smoothing Base (3990yen), Stick Concealer (3990yen; 2 shades), Cheek Brush (6300yen), Hand Mirror (3675yen) etc.


macaroon said...

Hi Haru

Do you know whether are there any websites which will be selling them, or they just available in Japan?

Thanks Haru :)

Jamilla Camel said...

Very pretty and unique packaging!

Anonymous said...

The packaging is exquisite (reminds me of the over the top Versace a bit), but the prices are a little much for me.

Michelle said...

Wow!!!! Everything looks so pretty!!! I have not seen a collection so appealing for a long long time!

Haru said...

Hi macaroon,
I don't know of any websites that will be carrying the line but it is supposed to be launched later in 2012 in Europe, the US and other Asian countries.

macaroon said...

Thanks for replying :0)

kuri said...

What a very beautiful collection! It's pure luxury, but out of my price range. A bit too baroque for my taste anyway. The products look very unique though, which is very nice to see.