Sunday, 6 January 2013

Dior DiorSnow Collection 2013

Dior will launch its new DiorSkin whitening skincare and base makeup line on 22 February in Japan. It includes:

1. Snow Whitening Fresh Fluid SPF30 PA+++: Liquid foundation in 6 shades. (6825yen, 30ml)

2. Snow Color Correcting Pressed Powder: Formulated with a "fresh glow pigment" for a face brightening effect, this powder will be available in 3 shades: #001 Crystal Rose, #002 Crystal Beige and #003 Crystal Blue. (6825yen)

3. Snow Whitening Crystal Loose Powder SPF15 PA++: Whitening loose powder formulated with Icelandic glacier water. (6825yen)

4. Snow Whitening UV Protection 50 UV50 PA+++: High protection sunblock available in two shades, Translucent and Pearly White. (6615yen, 40ml)

5Snow Whitening UV Protection 50 BB SPF50 PA+++: Whitening BB Cream, available in 2 shades. (6615yen, 40ml)

6. Snow Whitening Illuminator: Whitening eye cream with a massage applicator. (7875yen, 15ml)

7. Snow Whitening Emulsion (9450yen, 80ml)

8. Snow Whitening Spots Serum (13,125yen, 30ml)

9. Snow White Foam: Foaming facial cleanser. (5250yen, 110ml)

10. Snow Cooling Gel Mask: Unique gel-type mask that lowers the skin temperature by 4 degrees. (10500yen for 6 sets)

11. Snow Whitening Spots Cream (11550yen, 50ml)

12. Snow Whitening Fresh Cream (11500yen, 50ml)

The point makeup collection will be released on 1 March. It includes:

1. Cinq Couleurs #334 Frost Bloom (7980yen)

2. Dior Vernis #205 Crystal, #307 Nymphea and #357 Peony (3150yen)

3. DiorAddict Lip Maximiser #003 Sparkling (3675yen, 7ml)

4. DiorAddict Lipstick #555 Rose Bloom (3780yen)

Pic below by Hamada Masaru.


Celina said...

Oooh! That Diorsnow pressed powder looks amazing :)

Pink Sith said...

I wish they offered more the the Dior Snow products in the US. The powder looks awesome!