Saturday, 26 January 2013

Kate, Lavshuca, Suqqu and Three Spring 2013

The Kate website has been updated with the new spring collection.

Below is the TV CM featuring the new Goldish Eyes palettes. Watch the behind-the-scenes clip here.

Tutorial for Goldish Eyes.

Tutorial for the new Slim Gel Liner Pencil and Teary Drop Liner.

Concealing Cover Pact and Bright Up Cover Base.

The Lavshuca spring collection is also up on the official website.

Right now, I'm seriously lemming after almost everything in the Suqqu spring collection after seeing these preview pics on Sweet Makeup Temptations. It doesn't help that everything is limited edition! The collection launches on 1 February in Japan and around end-February in Selfridges in the UK.

I also liked the fresh faced looks showcased in the video clip for Three's "Love Is The Answer" collection. Watch it here.


Anonymous said...

Love the fresh faced looks! And thank you for introducing me to Sweet Makeup Temptations, her blog is amazing! x

Cutie Fishball said...

which suqqu palettes are you planning to get? I am attracted to all of them, as they all have lovely taupes in it... and of coz the face powder palette!

Haru said...

I definite want the face powder palette and perhaps the eyeshadow palette EX11 Sumiredama.

hi Parveen,
You're welcome, I just discovered her blog too and love it!

Cutie Fishball said...

I see, I am thinking all 3 eye palettes, and face powder, and the lipsticks.... and the new liquid foundation too!!!

my wallet is going to hate me....

sweetcloud said...

Very random, but I think you look a lot like the model in the suqqu ad, except younger :O

Haru said...

hi sweetcloud,
that's very kind of you to say :-) The Suqqu model Ryuu has much sharper features for sure. My face shape is much rounder.

hey Cutie Fishball,
With Suqqu, I always think that I can pass on the new collections when I view them online but when I go to the counter, I usually end up spending more than I had anticipated. There's a magical allure in the brand.

Cutie Fishball said...

very well said, you have access to phyical counter but for us we rely heavily on your blog and swatches to make decision....

and plus, to order from overseas, it's better off to get a few items or else the postage and handling fee that Selfridges charge will not really make sense....

now those pictures are going to burn a hole in my wallet!