Sunday, 27 January 2013

Lipstick Queen Dancing Queen

I purchased this Lipstick Queen Dancing Queen set at Space.NK during their recent post-Christmas sale.

Originally retailing at £38, it was marked down to half price which made it a pretty good deal considering that their lipsticks usually retail at £20 each. On, Dancing Queen is still available at US$45.

The seductive burnished red metal packaging was what drew me in. It's ultra sleek and feels weightier than your average lipstick.

The brand creator Poppy King has a long illustrious career from starting her own lipstick line at the mere age of 18 (which used to be carried at Tangs Studio in Ngee Ann City in Singapore), to becoming the Vice President of Creative Marketing of Prescriptives. More recently, she has collaborated with No. 7 in the UK, in addition to having her own Lipstick Queen line.

The trio is described as "sheer matte lipstick with a touch of disco", which translates into sheer lipsticks with lots of glittery sparkles.

The pic belows shows (from left to right): The Hustle, Cha Cha and Electric Slide.

These swatches were about four layers each as it takes some layering to get the color to show up well. These slick on very smoothly, and despite the presence of glitter, they do not feel gritty or rough.

The sheer finish makes these shades easy to pull off as they are not dramatic or bright. They last about 3 to 4 hours on me absent drinking/eating, but they do come off at the slightest touch. After blowing my nose, half the lipstick on my top lip was gone.

In the pic below, I am wearing Electric Slide, which looks redder in real life. The lip swatch pic below is a more accurate representation.

Pic below shows The Hustle, a sparkling honey nude with rose shimmer that gives the understated hue an interesting twist.

Pic below shows Cha Cha. Overall, I'm pretty happy with this set as it offers a nice range of highly wearable shades in a comfortable texture. However, I don't think I would have paid full price for it as my personal preference still leans towards creamier shades with greater coverage.

List of ingredients. This is made in Canada.


Lauren said...

The hustle shade looks really great on you.

prettynais said...

hi iris!
i remembered the poppy king counter at tangs (tangs nexus or issit tangs next??) in the 90s
bought a lipstick from there becos i was v impressed with such a young girl starting n creating her own makeup line. but it was a small fortune to me then... coming from my school allowance
makeup memories :)

Haru said...

hey prettynais,
I thought I was the only one who still remembered the Tangs store at Ngee Ann City :-) I didn't purchase anything from Poppy back then as I wasn't into makeup yet, but for some reason, I remember the brand being available.

prettynais said...

heyy iris!
nostalgia man... i remember tangs next/nexus was one of the first youth oriented shopping concepts in sg in the 90s... i went there for poppy king, babydoll dresses and doc martens and! if im not wrong, taka used to carry hard candy cosmetics in the late 90s... was always drawn to the attached rings given with the nail polish :D

btw, electric slide looks really good on you, you carry reds nicely ��

Anonymous said...

Hi Iris,
I love your eye makeup in the second picture, wearing The Hustle. What are the products used?
And I remember the Tangs at Ngee Ann City & Poppy King's lipsticks! The Tangs store carries very exclusive stuff and caters to a younger crowd, if I remember correctly.

Haru said...

hi Pearl,
I was using some shades from the Urban Decay 15th anniversary palettes but I'm afraid I can't remember which shades exactly. Yup, I remember the Tangs store at NAC being quite youth-oriented, unlike their main store. Don't think I shopped there that much though as I was still a JC student at that time.