Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Addiction and Primavista haul

After two months on a no-buy, I decided to splurge on a couple of the new Addiction Ready To Wear palettes and Primavista's new powder foundation. These pretties arrived today courtesy of the amazing So Lonely in Gorgeous who was kind enough to hunt these down for me.

Of the six Ready To Wear palettes, I picked up Soda Lunch (in the dinosaur case) and Mudd Club which is part of the permanent range. Mudd Club is available in a limited edition case specially for this launch.

At 6510yen for just 3.4g of product (versus the eyeshadow singles which are 1.2g for 2100yen), these aren't exactly a bargain. The quads are designed to be a convenient solution for customers for whom Addiction's 65 eyeshadow singles are a mind-boggling challenge.

The sleek plastic case has four holes in the back but it does not look like the eyeshadow quad can be depotted as it did not budge at all when I inserted a needle through one of the holes.

The individual eyeshadow pans can be easily depotted though, as these are secured with just a glob of glue underneath and can be lifted out just by sliding a needle under the pan.

The shades in Mudd Club contain varying amounts of shimmer.

Soda Lunch is a quirky combination that should be fun to experiment with although I'm not quite sure how to pull off that yellow shade. The white shade looks very similar to the one in Mudd Club. All the shades have a subtle pearly micro shimmer. Check out this pic of a shopping bag with the dinosaur print.

You can see swatches of both quads on Wondegondigo, So Lonely in Gorgeous and Swatcharama. The black panties has swatches of Sugar Rusk and Tuxedo Moon.

I picked up the Primavista powder foundation mainly because of the gorgeous bejewelled case which is a limited edition release for this spring.

The case retails at 1050yen while the powder foundation is 3990yen for 9g. That's pretty hefty for a drugstore brand but the foundation has received good reviews on Both the case and the foundation refill come with a sponge applicator.

The latch has Primavista's signature bow design.

The foundation pan clicks into place with a snap (no messy glue here) and there is a protective plastic sheet to help keep the mirror powder-free.


Lauren said...

wow! The foundation palette looks gorgeous! So feminine and beautiful.

Eve said...

That is the most gorgeous foundation case I have ever seen. Just stunning.

Cutie Fishball said...

I am so jealous! I totally miss the boat with solonelyingorgeous because of recent deadlines at work so I totally miss out #201 Soda Lunch.... and that purple is to die for!!!gahhh I want to shoot myself now!

Sara said...

Wow, that dinosaur palette is too cute but the shades in the other look so gorgeous and wearable! That compact is stunning too. Very lovely purchases and a very nice welcome back to makeup acquiring!

Anonymous said...

Hi Iris

Great haul! I wish i can get my hands on these too :(


Makeup Remastered said...

I also bought from the new Addiction collection- could u suggest your best Addiction single shadows from their permanent range that are good in texture/shade- as I am looking to buy some and need some help!

Haru said...

hi there,
My favourite Addiction eyeshadow singles are Blue Moon, Deep Forest and Crow.

I also love the Kohl Eyeliner in Night Dive.

Makeup Remastered said...

Thank you- I am going to have a look at these now!

The Curator said...

Sooooo jealous you were able to get Soda Lunch! I wasn't fast enough and it's sold out everywhere. :( But I'm really glad to see you're blogging again!!!

Bellyhead said...

Thank you so much, Iris, for the link to my post. :) I am greatly inspired to ever more Japanese beauties by your blog and solonelyingorgeous.

That foundation case is beyond special. So so pretty!

Anonymous said...

I miss reading your blog, nice to see you back in some 'action' :-)

How's the foundation? Any reviews? I'm using Coffret Dor and thinking to change to this..


Haru said...

hi Agnes,

I've worn it only twice so far and quite like the coverage it gives me. I'm still experimenting with the best base to use it with. The finish still looks a tad less natural than liquid foundation though.

Jacqueline said...

Those Addiction palettes are to die for. I love the happy yellow shade.

Anonymous said...

Is there a site that sells the primavista bejewelled case that ships to the U.S.? And i'm glad you are blogging again.

Haru said...

The case is not available on but perhaps you can check with them if they can help you purchase it.

Adambeauty also stocks Primavista but they do not have this case yet.