Sunday, 26 May 2013

Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen Swatches

As mentioned before, Pixi has become my go-to brand for eyeliner pencils as their pencils have a wonderfully smooth texture that beats even Urban Decay. Recently, I picked up another two new shades, #7 Sage Gold and #10 Copper Glow, which were released for spring.

Copper Glow comes in a bulkier, more ornate packaging whereas Sage Gold does not. Both shades are currently available on, which offers free international shipping.

Sage Gold looks like a re-promote of Straight On Till The Morning eyeliner in 2nd Star Twinkle from last year's Tinkerbell-themed Pixi Glow collection. If you already have 2nd Star Twinkle, you can safely skip Sage Gold.

Below are swatches of my collection of Pixi eyeliner pencils.

True to their name, these have an intense creamy consistency that glides effortlessly onto the skin with minimal tugging, and produce excellent color payoff from the first couple of swipes. Unless Urbay Decay's pencils, I have not experienced any shrinking of the liner from the wooden part of the pencil. Most of the shades have a metallic sheen, nothing too flashy or frosty.

I reach frequently for Oyster Glow to highlight the lower lashline and inner corners. True Teal is eye-poppingly bold and fun for experimenting with. The rest of the shades are all pretty easy to wear for the office or daytime.

These retail for £11 in the UK and US$15 in the US. For me, they are well worth the investment and it's a pity that Pixi offers only 10 shades of these marvelous little workers.

You can view more swatches on Drivel About Frivol and Citrine's blog.


Anonymous said...

hi Haru,
Welcome back to blogging!! really glad to see you "live" here again :)
May i know how do u compare Pixi to Three? I bought 2 Three eye pencils after reading your blog. Loved it, but it's way toooo expensive, and its only available in Japan..



Haru said...

hi Anne,
I think the Pixi pencils are just as good as Three, although Three may have slightly more complex shades. But for the basic shades, Pixi is good enough and at a much more reasonable price.

Eve said...

So pretty! Beautiful swatches