Sunday, 26 May 2013

Bourjois South Beach Souvenirs and Summer On The Riviera

Bourjois had a couple of new collections for summer on display at Monoprix.

Summer On The Riviera is a colorful collection of lipglosses and nailpolishes with Manicure Toppings, little beads that you can use to top off your manicure. Bourjois seems very late to the party with this trend, doesn't it? There's also a dotting tool with a cute polka dot print.

Summer on the Riviera features a slew of tanning/bronzing products, like a Fabulous Bronzing Mousse for an instant tan, Maxi Delight powder bronzer, and what looks like an intriguing first - a BB Bronzing Cream with not just eight benefits but also an "addictive fragrance".

Maybelline has also released a new Dream Pure BB Cream with 2% salicylic acid, which should be good for acne-prone skin types.

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sweetcloud said...

Bourjois is my favourite French drugstore brand, but they are always very late on the trends, like the nailpolish toppings. They took forever to launch BB-cream type products and it was very gimmicky (BB lipglosses?), and I noticed recently their new lip stain/crayon (à la Revlon Just Bitten). I think the quality of their product is good, but they need better marketing developers.