Saturday, 25 May 2013

Suqqu Summer 2013 Links

The new Suqqu Bright Up lipsticks are now available on but the limited edition Blend Color Eyeshadow EX14 Ruridama has sold out (it was on the site yesterday). Although Ruridama looks more attractive than the three palettes from the spring collection, I decided to skip it eventually as the three pale shades will probably wash out on my skin. For reviews and swatches of the Suqqu summer collection, check out:

* Lulumakeup and here

* Xiahuoxingkong and here

* Beautyerica

* Swatches by Nmezza on MakeupAlley

* Pics by mistnrain on MUA.


Jacqueline said...

Thanks for the useful post Haru, the lipsticks just look so pretty. I wonder if they match up with their current creamy glow lipsticks. The palette looks so pretty but like you the three light shades will probably not work on me. I love how the other bloggers used the blue though, so pretty.

Haru said...

hey Jacqueline,
The dark blue shade looks quite different on the various bloggers but I think I can probably dupe it with my collection. I love the combination as presented in the palette but I think paying £45 for that shade alone is not worth it if the other three shades are too subtle to see the difference on my skin.

Ipek of Life said...

Great post Haru:) I also picked mine from Selfridges yesterday. I just started blogging and just posted about the new Suqqu lipstick #03 at Hope that it can also be useful. xx

Bellyhead said...

Thank you so much, Iris! I really found all the lipstick pictures (especially on the lips) so helpful. I've heard they are a cross texture wise between the CGs ad CGMs which is making it even more enticing to me.

The eye shadow palettes is very pretty, but I can breathe a sigh a of relief and not buy it. Those blues wouldn't be very flattering on me. :)

Thanks again!