Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Addiction Fall 2013 Tint Shadows

According to Biteki.com, the Addiction fall collection theme is Tint Shadows, inspired by nostalgic antique colors and textures of Eastern Europe. The good news is that all the products are permanent.

Set for release on 16 August in Japan, it includes:

1. Cheek Polish in 7 shades: These are all of a non-pearl finish and can be easily blended with fingers for a fresh, natural tint of color. This chart shows the differences in textures and color intensity amongst the Addiction powder blush, cheek stick and cheek polish. The X-axis shows "cover" (on left) to "sheer" (on right), while the Y-axis shows "matte" (top) and "shiny" (bottom). (2940yen)

2. Lip Stain in 4 shades (2940yen)

3. Lip Glaze in 4 shades (2625yen)

4. Top Coat in 3 shades (1890yen)

5. Ready To Wear Palette: 1 new variation (6510yen)

Pics below tweeted by Eclat.

See more pics from the press event on Nabekawa Takako, Maquia (also here) and by Ayako.

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MakeupRemastered said...

Oh my-this collection leaves me breathless -this is already on my fall hitlist!!-keep the promo pics coming....