Saturday, 15 June 2013

Kate Fall 2013

Kate will release its fall 2013 collection on 1 August in Japan. It includes:

1. Colorcious Diamond: Eyeshadow palettes containing 5 diamond-like lustrous shades. In 6 variations (1680yen)

2. Lash Maximizer: Mascara primer base in Eyelash Plus EX1 (for volume, length and curl) and Glossy Black EX2 (for intense black, shine and curl) (1260yen)

3. Deep Liquid Eyeliner WP N: Waterproof liquid eyeliner in 2 shades. (1470yen)

4. Pressed Cheek Color: In 4 shades (892yen)

5. Face Powder N: Loose face powder in 2 shades (1575yen)

6. Stick Concealer N: In 2 shades (1050yen)

7. Goldish Eyes: 1 new variation (1680yen)

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