Thursday 6 June 2013

Suqqu Fall 2013

Here's a sneak peek at the Suqqu fall 2013 collection, tweeted by Maquia. Looks like the eyeshadow palettes will feature their signature mix of elegant taupes, neutrals and pearl pastels, with some interesting accent shades. The product list can be found on Cutie Fishball. Due out on 9 August in Japan. See more close-up pics on Nabekawa Takako.

More pics by Frau. The collection theme is 和の美 (Japanese beauty). The face powder features a delicate kimono print motif.

According to Kazuhisa Kurumisawa, Suqqu will launch a new cream foundation on 6 September. The new formula provides the coverage of the current version but with a texture that is between that of a liquid and a cream, and easier to apply and blend.


. : * justine * : . said...

I'm intrigued by the quad with the fuchsia pink accent colour (of course) but the other three colours seem very meh... the lipsticks look bright! Depending on pigmentation, might indulge - I've heard so many good things about them - I'm a sucker for a good, bright pink.

The Driveller Kate said...

I hope the accent strips are pigmented rather than topcoat sheers. These could make for some amazing combos!

Cutie Fishball said...

wow, the delicate kimono print!

Time for me to indulge!

May I link your website to my blog so people can have a visual on the product list?

Haru said...

hey Cutie Fishball,
Sure, you really don't have to ask to link my blog, it's my honour :-)

hey Kate,
That quint with the pink strip looks the most striking. Knowing Suqqu, these will probably be quite understated when applied.

hey justine,
I'm intrigued by the same palette as you, hopefully better pics and swatches will surface closer to the release date.

manman said...

I think it is rare to see such a white base color for a brownish quad (the one with fushia pink liner color) in Suqqu's recent releases.

Catherine @ bcrueltyfree said...

Ah completely drooling over these images. I've heard nothing but raves about Suqqu... wish it were easier to get a hold of