Thursday, 27 June 2013

Lunasol Vivid Clear Eyes EX02 Colorful Collection

Thanks to Elaine, I was able to pick up the new Lunasol Vivid Clear Eyes EX02 Colorful Collection palette from the new summer collection. Lunasol usually releases two limited edition eyeshadow palettes in its summer collections.

The rather oddly-named Colorful Collection appealed to me with its mix of shimmery greens and blues. This retails at S$77 in Singapore, versus 5250yen (about S$69) in Japan. It is also available on for US$60.50.

This palette is heavy on the shimmer, especially the green and medium blue shades which contain silver sparkly particles that are prone to some fallout over the course of the day. Most of the shades apply sheer on the first swipe but can be layered easily for greater intensity.

The blackened midnight blue shade is the most intensely pigmented of the five shades. The only disappointing shade in the palette was the pink which basically washed out and disappeared on my skin. The letters on the eyeshadows rub off with the first swipe.

These swatches were applied on bare skin with the included sponge applicators. The sponge/brush applicators included in Lunasol palettes are good quality and can withstand several washes without breaking apart.

When applied over Too Faced Shadow Insurance as the base, the eyeshadows last well over eight hours with no visible creasing. However, the green and medium blue shades did lose a bit of their vibrancy as the hours passed.

Lunasol has a habit of releasing brown and blue/green palettes for summer. In the pic below, the top row (from left) shows Skin Modelling Eyes EX02 Beige Cool (2007) and Sheer Contrast Eyes EX01 Blue Green Coral (2008). The bottom row shows Nature Color Eyes EX01 Nature Summer Blue (2010), Ocean Scene Eyes EX02 Vacation Ocean (2011) and Colorful Collection (2013). Colorful Collection is my favourite out of the five for now, as its mix of shades is more diverse while remaining very easy to wear.

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