Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Lunasol Spring 2014

Here are the details of the Lunasol Spring 2014 collection, due out on 17 January in Japan.

1. Sand Natural Eyes: 4 eyeshadow quads in Natural, Warm, Cool and Clear variations. (5250yen)

2. Sand Pastel Eyes: Eyeshadow duos comprising a pastel shade and a shiny pearl shade. (2625yen, LE)

3. Shiny Pencil Eyeliner: 3 shades (2100yen)

4. Sand Natural Cheeks: Tri-tone blushes in pink and orange variations. (3675yen, LE)

5. Full Glamour Lips: 6 shades (3150yen)

6. Full Glamour Gloss a in shiny sand beige (2625yen, LE)

7. Nail Finish N: 4 milky pastel shades (1575yen, LE)
Pics from Biteki.

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