Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Three Spring 2014 Optimistic Ethereal

For Spring 2014, Three will be releasing four new eyeshadow duos, two powder blushes and a new line of Velvet Last Lipsticks. The Optimistic Ethereal collection, due out on 15 January in Japan, focuses on matte red lips. Pic below tweeted by BeautySakura.

Pic below by naoko.

Pics below by Maquia.

See more pics on Kanzaki Megumi's blog.


manman said...

Oh, I have to say, it's sweet to launch duos but I was so looking forward to Spring quads...when there is none coming...

Does THREE offers summer quad for the S/S period?

Haru said...

Hi manman,
I don't know if Three will be releasing more quads but I've read that the duos are very good too and some prefer them over the quads.