Saturday, 21 December 2013

By Terry Terrybly Densiliss Foundation

By Terry's latest foundation innovation, Terrybly Densiliss, is described as being a hybrid of an ‘absolute density’ fluid foundation with a ‘wrinkle control’ serum. Boasting long-term anti-ageing benefits along with immediate correcting effects for a flawless complexion, it supposedly provides a beautifully natural, matte finish with a youthful radiance. The 'Flawless Time Control complex' is a combination of three powder-pigments: a smoothing wrinkly control translucent powder, an instant rosy glow prism and an 'autofocus affinity' powder for reducing the appearance of imperfections.

Available in 10 shades, I found #3 Vanilla Beige to be a good match for my MAC NC20 skintone, although I can probably wear #4 Natural Beige as well. Being marketed as an anti-aging foundation, it is no surprise that Densiliss is significantly more expensive at €85/US$115/£75 than By Terry's Sheer Expert and Cover Expert foundations which are €48/US$65/£45. Densiliss comes in a more luxe (and fragile) glass bottle that is more befitting the prestigious image of the brand, versus the utilitarian plastic squeeze tube of Sheer Expert and Cover Expert.

I have tried samples of Sheer and Cover Expert previously and liked them enough to consider purchasing them, but I decided to splurge on Densiliss after reading several glowing reviews. It is certainly one of the most expensive foundations I've ever purchased, but luckily I had a 20% discount voucher from Sephora France. List of ingredients below.

After experimenting with different methods of application over the past couple of weeks, I've come to like Densiliss enough that I do not regret purchasing it. Its lightweight texture wears comfortably while offering sufficient coverage to significantly reduce the redness in my cheeks and nose area. It also has a nice smoothening effect on the skin texture, but it does require skin to be sufficiently moisturised beforehand, otherwise it can show up dry patches and flakiness (especially on my nose).

If applying with my fingers, one pump is more than enough for an application. My preferred method is to use either my fingers or the Shiseido Perfect Foundation brush. The matte finish is not overly dull and flat. Even when my skin oils up, it takes on a gentle luminous dewy look instead of separating or pooling in my pores. My skin does not get excessively oily with this even after eight hours of wear, although this is probably partly due to the winter weather. I actually wore this for several hours without blotting at all, and the end result was pretty decent with just a light sheen on my T-zone. The pic above was taken in natural daylight near the window while the pic below was taken under room lighting.

You can see swatches of all 10 shades on Beauty Professor and read another review by the black panties. For this look, I used Charlotte Tilbury The Rebel Color-Coded Eyeshadow Palette and Pixi Iridescent Iris eyeliner pencil.

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Chelsea said...

Wow, gorgeous finish, your skin looks perfect!

satz said...

Gives you a very nice finish looks great!! Can you please help me a bit and recommend a moisturizing drugstore foundation for dry skin and also a concealer for hiding dark circles which would be moisturizing enough for someone with dry skin I would really appreciate it

Haru said...

hi Sataa,
You can try Bourjois Radiance Reveal Healthy Serum Foundation and the matching concealer.

hi Chelsea,
Thank you!

satz said...

@Haru Thanks a lot for the suggestion I really appreciate your help

bastet said...

Wow, Haru - that foundation looks perfect on you! I love your whole look in these pics (so much so that I had to comment, although I am usually just lurking)- the e/s combo is fabulous and your hair colour is great!

We’ve got a BT counter now, too, and I’ve been meaning to try the densiliss foundation. One more reason to check it out. BTW, what are your thoughts on the CT eyeshadows?

Haru said...

hi bastet,
thanks for the kind comment! I've only used the CT palette once so I haven't quite made up my mind about it yet, will try to post a review after I've played around with it some more. The shades do show up well but take some layering.