Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Tom Ford Spring 2014

For Spring'14, Tom Ford will release the following limited edition products on 28 February in Japan. The white lipstick packaging is a throwback to Tom Ford's original line when it first debuted in 2010. See another pic on Instagram here.

1. Nail Lacquer #1A Sugar Dune, #2A Incan Desert, #3A Coral Beach and #4A Indiscretion (3885yen)

2. Lip Color Sheer 01 In The Buff, 02 Pink Dune, 03 Bitter Sweet, 04 Summer Fling, 05 Sweet Spot, 06 Firecracker, 07 Paradiso and 08 Incorrigible (6400yen)


saw said...

thanks so much for the heads up.
I was wondering if formula changes or just packaging (white). Also the names of the nail polishes, why do they have A in them, I am guessing they have a certain property?

Crystal said...

love the nude lipstick and nailpolish

Haru said...

hi Sara,
I'm not sure why the nail polish numbers have "A" in them, perhaps to distinguish them from the regular line?

Susie said...

Great collection! Love the color of the lippies. Hope that I could see swatches of it.