Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Suqqu Spring 2014

Here are the details of the Suqqu Spring 2014 collection due out on 31 January in Japan. Good news is that the three new eyeshadow quads are permanent, so they should be easier to get hold of if you're interested in them.

1. Blend Color Eyeshadow #15 蜜茶 (beige/brown), #16 花菖蒲 (purple/brown) and #17 蓬色 (khaki/brown) (7140yen)

2. Smoothing Face Color (7350yen, 6.5g, LE)

3. Balancing Cheeks N #1 桃朱色 (elegant basic peach coral) and #2 淡桜 (sweet basic pink) (6825yen, 4g)

4. Bright Up Lipstick 07 朱杏 (rose beige) (5250yen)

5. Nail Color R EX-05 白香茶 (milktea) and EX-06 菫染 (lavender) (2625yen, LE)

Suqqu will also release a limited edition White Orchid Musculate Massage & Mask Cream set (12600yen) on 1 January in Japan. Aside from the cream, which is scented with orchid and lily of the valley, it also includes Face Refresher R 50ml, Moisture Repair Essence 15ml, Moisture Lotion 30ml and Face Protector SPF50 PA++++ 10g.


saw said...

Oh this is really very good news indeed that these will be permanent. After having so much "fun"(!) trying to get hold of Holiday items, I am very happy to hear this news! Yay! ;-)

Bellyhead said...

Uh oh. The purple in the 16 quad and the color combo in 17 are singing their siren song at me. SHUT UP! SHUT UP!

Oh noooooes!

Ming said...

Hi, Haru:

Thanks for the update! ^^

I heard that Suqqu will reproduce creamy glow lipstick moist EX-03淡紅 & EX-04透桜 again next spring.
Look forward to it very much!!

manman said...

I am so interested in the Smoothing face powder. The last launch of a similar face product (looks so much like the RMK 2014 face powder) in the same case of this powder is well treasured and praised by a Japanese custom purchase service blogger I like, the blogger just clear the whole pan.

I am looking forward to future info to see if this is a finishing powder or pressed powder, I would love the latter.