Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Maquillage Spring 2014

Here are the pics of the Maquillage Spring 2014 collection due out on 21 January in Japan.

1. Essence Glamorous Rouge Neo: Improved version of the bestselling Essence Glamorous Rouge with longlasting wear, glossiness and hydrating benefits. There will be 4 permanent shades BE721 (natural urban beige), RD312 (warm natural red), PK323 (brilliant pink), RD554 (feminine rose) and 2 LE shades RD406 (juicy red) and PK205 (fresh shell pink) (2415yen, 6g)

2. True Eyeshadow: Two limited edition palettes BL231 and PK232 (3675yen)

3. True Rouge: BE700 (rich beige) and PK701 (fresh rich pink) (3150yen)

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Anonymous said...

Ooooo, very excited for those new lipglosses!