Saturday, 6 June 2015

Kate Fall 2015

Kate will release its Fall/Winter 2015 collection on 1 August in Japan. It includes:

1. Trap Impact Eyes: For creating gradational effects along both the upper and lower eyelids to make the eyes look larger. In 5 variations. (1600yen)

2. Double Line Faker (1000yen)

3. Mineral Film Powder Foundation: Powder foundation that softly covers the skin in a light veil. In 3 shades (1500yen)

4. Mineral Film Powder Foundation Case (400yen)

5. Mineral Mask BB: BB cream that hydrates, provides coverage and acts as sunblock and primer. In 3 shades (1500yen)

6. CC Lip Cream: 4 shades (480yen)

7. CC Lip Treatment: 2 shades (800yen)

8. Designing Brow N Set I: 2 shades, includes brow brush (1200yen, Japan-exclusive starting 1 Sep)

9. Designing Brow N Set II: 2 shades, includes brow brush and a comb brush (1200yen, available in other Asian countries outside of Japan starting 1 Sep).

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