Saturday, 6 June 2015

Three Fall 2015

Here are more details of the Three Fall 2015 collection, Somewhere Inbetween, out on 12 August in Japan. All products are permanent.

1. 4D Plus Eye Palette (6200yen): In 4 variations. 01 Close To Your Heart (smoky brown with gold), 02 Song Of Silence (taupe grey), 03 Transcend Time (chic elegant red-toned brown) and 04 Army Dreamers (smoky gold and khaki). The oil glue cream base wraps the eyelids in a thin oil film, allowing the powder shades to be layered effortlessly on top for expressive smouldering eyes. The four shades in each quad presents a different texture for a play on light and colours.

2. Shimmering Lip Jam (3000yen): #12 Infant Kiss (pure nude pink), #13 Silence Says (clear red), #14 Wear The Sunset (lively bright coral) and #15 Dreamers Awaken (polished pink)

3. Refined Control Lip Pencil (2500yen): #4 Into the Fresh (coral beige), #5 Among Angels (pure refreshing pink), #6 My Lionheart (clear vivid rosy red) and #7 My Nostalgia (elegant burgundy)

4. Nail Polish (1800yen): #25 October Sun (pure red), #26 Arrow of Desire (mysterious hazy pink), #27 Song of Dusk (misty lavender), #28 Wanderlust Wave (storm grey), #29 Dive Deeper (warm charcoal) and #30 Before The Dawn (moody dark raspberry)

The base makeup collection will be released on 16 September.

1. One Love Puff (700yen)

2. Structured Foundation Brush (5000yen)

3. Ultimate Diaphanous Loose Powder (Colorless) (17g, 5000yen): Formulated with 8 botanical oils and oil control powder, this paraben-free finishing powder is as fine as powder snow to help keep skin feeling fresh and polished.

4. Complete Harmony Foundation SPF35 PA+++ (28g, 6500yen): Contains smoothing powder, oil control powder and 'stretch skinny veil' to smooth out skin unevenness. Contains 7 botanical oils including yuzu seed oil and acai fruit oil. Free of UV absorbers.

5. Advanced Harmony Primer SPF22 PA++ (30ml, 4500yen): Composed of 86% ingredients of natural origin with 7 botanical oils including yuzu seed oil and acai fruit oil, plus oil control powders. Available in 2 shades, Elegance (more glowy and hydrating) and Confidence (more refreshing texture) Free of UV absorbers.

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Unpaletteable said...

Army Dreamers! The Kate Bush reference tips that palette into irresistible territory. As if THREE palettes weren't hard enough to resist already...