Sunday, 7 June 2015

Cover Girl Outlast Stay Luminous Foundation and Super Sizer Mascara

I haven't purchased anything from Cover Girl since my experiments with their Lash Blast series of mascaras a few years ago. This past week, I've been testing out their two newest summer releases, the Super Sizer Mascara and Outlast Stay Luminous Foundation. Both were relatively inexpensive. The mascara was about US$6 while the foundation was going at between US$10 to US$11 in the supermarkets and drugstores.

The Super Sizer mascara promises to increase lash volume by 400%, with its unique lash styler that is wider at the tip than the base. I purchased this in the shade Black Noir but it turned out to be not as jet black as my usual Japanese mascaras.

The brush was easy to use and pulled out of the tube cleanly without excessive product on the bristles.

This did provide good lengthening and definition as well as holding up the curl of my lashes. However, it was slightly prone to clumping. If over-layered, my lashes would stick together. It did perform well in adding definition to my almost-nonexistent lower lashes. There was no smudging or flaking. There are also no fibres in this mascara. All in all, this was a decent performer for the price.

Below is the ingredient list. This is made in the USA.

I had high hopes for the Outlast Stay Luminous foundation based on initial raves on MakeupAlley. Upon application, it looked pretty good too. The finish was not overtly glowy, just a healthy satin finish without any powdery dry down. This was easy to blend, provided light to medium coverage and did not pool in the pores. My shade was Buff Beige, the third lightest shade of the 6 shades currently available.

However, four hours later, I caught my reflection in the car mirror and was taken aback by how much it had oxidised until my face was significantly darker than my neck (by at least 2 tones). This was, simply put, a deal breaker. There is also an odd artificial scent that is noticeable upon application but dissipates soon after. I couldn't see myself using it again (after testing it out for 5 days) and so I returned it for a full refund at Walgreens with no questions asked to my surprise. Americans are so fortunate to have stores that take back used cosmetics. Nowhere else have I encountered such a generous return policy.

Other products used for this look include Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow EX22 Yukiichigo (from Holiday 2014) and YSL Glossy Stain #201 Dewy Red. I'm tempted to pick up more of the Pop Water Glossy Stains but I'm restraining myself as I have about a dozen Glossy Stains still begging for more love in my drawer.


. : * justine * : . said...

I almost never try drugstore foundations because the Canadian return policies are not as generous as the American ones, and there are never any testers! The finish on the foundation looks good, but it's too bad it oxidized so badly!

I really like your lipstick here :)

Haru said...

hi Justine!
There are usually no testers for Cover Girl foundations in the stores over too, but for this new launch, there were testers in the store displays which was good. I haven't been that impressed with many of my drugstore purchases over here, so I'm cutting back and saving up for my upcoming Tokyo trip instead!

. : * justine * : . said...

Oh, you're going to Tokyo?? So exciting!

I was *REALLY* into drugstore makeup for a while but it's tapered off for me again, and my wallet is (sadly) back into the high end game, though I've been better the last few months.

Any recommendations for Italian brands? I figure I have to try at least ONE thing makeup wise from there...

Haru said...

hey justine,
for Italian brands, the only one that I'm familiar with is Kiko and they do lots of great products with very on-trend stuff at relatively affordable prices, and always with tons of color options. I love their eyeshadow sticks. There's also Pupa, which has some nice stuff but some of their palettes look quite cheap and gimmicky.

Anonymous said...

Hi Haru, i am leaving for Hokkaido tonight. My first trip to japan. I know u have been to japan many times. But if this is yr first trip, can you recommend what are the makeup brands i should check out (not available in S'pore). Or can you share what are on your look out list for yr coming japan trip? Thank you in advance.


Haru said...

hi Katelyn,

At the drugstores, do check out Visee (by Kose) for their cream blushes and lipsticks, Shiseido's Integrate (for eyeliners and lip products), Lavshuca (by Kanebo) for their blushes and lip products. Kate and Canmake can be found in Singapore but they are cheaper in Japan. At the department stores, do check out Addiction (eyeshadows, blushes, cheek sticks) and Three (eyeshadow quads, lipglosses and blushes). Les Merveilleuses by Laduree is interesting but quite overpriced, except for their lip products. Jill Stuart is also a must-see if you like pink princessy packaging. Don't bother with Western brands as they are usually much more expensive.

For my upcoming trip, I really want to get the new Maquillage Dramatic Powdery UV foundation which is made from a mousse formula and Esprique Cool BB Spray.

I like the look of the Addiction Pink Holiday palette but this will probably be sold out by the time I visit in late July as it's limited edition.
Hope that helps!

Beauty Box said...

There has been a lot of hype on this foundation. Glad to know I shouldn't buy it since it oxidizes - what a bummer! I tried their ready set gorgeous foundation and thought it was extremely decent for $7.99. I heard that the finish was lovely and suitable for oily skin types as it's supposed to be more light weight and mattifying. I wouldn't say it's the best at being matte (I looked pretty shiny after 6 hours) but I love the luminous finish and I don't mind blotting. I mean, even for high end foundations, I need to blot so this is not a deal breaker for me.

AND - excited to know from the comments above that you are visiting Japan! We have to meet up!! I'll def be in town in July.

Haru said...

hi Yuming,
Oh excellent, will DM you! Ready Set Gorgeous looked tempting as well, but I'm steering clear of drugstore foundations for awhile. Too many more expensive brands sitting in my collection to be used up. I've been packing all week again as we are flying this Sunday to the UK and moving out of our current place. Everytime we do this, I get absolutely dejected by the amount of stuff that I manage to accumulate as it's just overwhelming.

Anonymous said...

Hi Iris, thanks for recommendations. I went to the drugstore yesterday and my jaw dropped when i saw rows and rows of makeup brands. I didn't even know where to start.. i got some visee Cream blushes and Aube lipsticks. Will definitely check out the rest of yr recommendations. Thanks again for yr useful tips. Katelyn.