Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Bath & Body Works Semi Annual Sale Haul

Today was the start of the Bath & Body Works Semi Annual Sale in stores so naturally, I grabbed the toddler in the morning for a quick jaunt to the nearby mall. I just finished burning all the glass candles that I had shipped over from Geneva, so it was a good time to restock.

All these candles were $10 originally and currently at 75% off. In fact, four of these rang up at an astonishing 50cents each at the register. According to the SA, these would be the ones that were released quite some time ago. To top it off, I had a $10 off $40 coupon, so they were even cheaper than 50 cents *score* I didn't pick up any of the 3-wick candles, which were 50% off, as BBW puts these on sale regularly in my area at least every other month.

The handsoaps were $3 each (originally $6.50), including the new American Summer collection. So much cheaper than the Singapore sale price of 2 for S$12 or 5 for S$25. We go through at least two bottles per month. Thanks to the super cheap candles, my items initially rang up at just over $39, so I grabbed an extra bottle of Island Margarita hand soap (which smells divine) to make the $40 minimum for the coupon. All in all, my haul of 17 items was just US$31.61 with 'savings' of $71.50. When the SA told me how much I had saved, I went 'Yes!' with a small fist bump. She chuckled and gave me another $10 off $40 coupon, plus a free signature item with $10 purchase for July. BBW really knows how to keep the customers coming back.

This was an earlier haul of the Coastal Summer collection two weeks ago, with a BBW voucher for an extra 20% off sale items. So we're well stocked until the next Semi Annual Sale at least.

Mummy's little helper keeps taking the cap off and blowing at the wick :-)


FurryGuy! said...

Soooo adorable!

Beauty Box said...

Awesome haul! I cannot believe the savings you nailed. I think Bath & Body Works are better than Body Shop at luring you back. ;-) Very cute photo of your boy looking at the candles.

Haru said...

Hello Yuming!
Body Shop has nothing on BBW! Mainly 'cos BBW was never available to me until they opened up in Singapore awhile ago, so I was always lusting after it from afar. BBW also churns out new scents and collections much more frequently than TBS so their stores seem more interesting. All that chirpy cheery American sunshine goodness.