Sunday, 23 July 2017

Cosme Decorte AQ MW Fall 2017

The Cosme Decorte AQ MW Fall 2017 collection will be released on 21 August in Japan. It includes:

1. Eye Crayon: 5 LE waterproof shades (2700yen). See a swatch video on At Cosme's Instagram.
Pic below by Threepeace.

Pics by Maquia.

2. Eye Glow Gem GD083 (2700yen)
Pic below by Voce.

3. Rouge Glow in RD457 and RO654 (3500yen)

4. Art de Fleurs Lipstick in RD412 and RO614 (6000yen)

5. Nail Enamel RD442 and GY050 (2000yen)

Pic below by At Cosme. See another pic here.

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