Friday, 21 July 2017

Kate Fall 2017

Kate will launch its Fall 2017 collection on 1 August in Japan.

It's a massive one comprising the following:

1. Brown Shade Eyes N: 6 variations. You can see swatches here. (1200yen)

2.CC Lip & Cheek Cream N SPF10 PA+: 2 shades (700yen)

3. CC Lip Oil: 3 shades in 01 Red Spice, 02 Trans Pink and 03 Sheer Yellow. Performs five functions of moisturising, color-correcting, plumping, gloss and lipstick base. (920yen)

4. CC Lip Cream N Tint 06 Mode Pink SPF9 PA+ (400yen)

5. CC Lip Cream N 04 Orange Burst and 07 Grace Pink (400yen)

6. Slim Create Powder N: 2 variations EX1 Natural Type and EX2 Glow Type (1300yen)

7. Smooth Eyeliner Pencil BK (600yen)

8. Soft Black Liner BK (800yen)

9. Color Highvision Rouge: Hydrating matte finish (1200yen, 10 shades)

10. 3D Parts Designer (1200yen)

11. 3D Contrasting Cheeks: 4 variations (1500yen)

12. Water In Oil BB SPF20 PA++ (1400yen, 3 shades)

13. Secret Skin CC Base Zero SPF30 PA++ in Green (1000yen)

Pic below by Voce.

Pics below by Maquia.

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