Saturday, 22 July 2017

Visee Fall 2017

Visee will release this Crystal Duo Lipstick (10 shades, 1500yen) on 21 August in Japan. The high pigmented core is surrounded by a transparent, glossy outer ring to give lips a healthy gradient color effect. The fragrance-free lipstick is formulated with squalene for hydrating effect. Pics below by Maquia.

Pics below by Visee.

There will also be two LE shades of Crayon Eye Color (1200yen) in GD7 and RD8 and a new plum brown Super Slim Gel Liner BR321 (950yen). Pics below by Voce.

Under the Visee Avant line, there will be 10 new single eyeshadows (800yen), Spot Lighting Stick (1800yen), Perfect Finish Brow (1800yen), Perfect Finish Matte (1800yen) and a Face Powder Brush #4 (1500yen).

Pic below by Maquia. See another pic here.

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