Friday, 21 July 2017

Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Cushion

Guerlain is the next to hop on the cushion foundation bandwagon with its Lingerie de Peau Cushion (4 shades, 6300yen) launching on 1 September in Japan. It provides a satin matte finish. Guerlain will also debut its new Lingerie de Peau Aqua Nude Water-infused Protecting Fluid foundation SPF20 PA++ (6 shades, 6300yen, 30ml) and Blurring Active Base (5600yen) on the same date. Aqua Nude is the first foundation by Guerlain to be housed in a plastic bottle for convenience and portability, with the pricing reflecting that. (In comparison, Lingerie de Peau liquid foundation retails at 7000yen). The six shades comprise one cool, one warm and four neutral tones.

Pics below by Abe Sawako.

Pic below from At Cosme.

See more pics from the Tokyo press conference on Robe. Guerlain is also launching its KissKiss Matte lip collection on 4 August in Japan (see pics here).

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