Saturday, 12 April 2008

Aube Website Update

The Aube website has been updated with the new summer collection.

Here's the list of products used on the model for the "Sweet Happy" look:
1. Puffy Bounce Cheek #84 Pink
2. Puffy Bounce Cheek #86 Highlight
3. Impression Eyes EX01 Brown
4. Gloss Fruitina EX03
5. Double Designing Mascara BK911

For the "Smart Happy" look:
1. Puffy Bounce Cheek #83 Orange
2. Puffy Bounce Cheek #86 Highlight
3. Impression Eyes #54 Purple
4. Gloss Fruitina EX06
5. Double Designing Mascara BK911


Anonymous said...

hello :)
i love your blog to bits!
just wanted to find out from you where are your favourite shopping haunts for cosmetics in Tokyo?
maybe you could do a post about it.

i do know some brands like SUQQU & AYURA can be found in department stores, but for the drugstore brands, do all drusgtores like matsumoto kiyoshi stock them, or does each drugstore carry different brands?

thanks for your help in advance...
looking forward to more wonderful posts by you!

Anonymous said...

hi, which japanese powder foundation has good coverage for acne-prone/oily skin? is esprique or racious good? what other brands would you recommend?


Anonymous said...

rinka looks so pretty !
hard to believe she is 35!

Haru said...

For oily, acne-prone skin, I would recommend Esprique Precious, Revue or Coffret D'Or (which has replaced Revue as the main mid-range drugstore brand by Kanebo). Raycious' powder foundations tend to be on the sheer side as they are meant more for a very glowy look.

Hi lulu!
My favourite shopping haunts are Matsumoto Kiyoshi, Sundrug, Plaza Style and Ainz Tulpe for the drugstores. As for department stores, I frequent Isetan and Odakyu in Shinjuku, Seibu and Tokyu in Shibuya as well as Seibu in Ikebukuro. The brands available in the various drugstore chains differ according to the individual chain. Matsumoto Kiyoshi and Sundrug carry mostly the brands by Shiseido, Kanebo and Kose while Plaza Style carries the brands by Sony like Love Clover. Ainz Tulpe is my favourite as it has virtually everything.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Remember me? Been a silent reader for quite sometime now! :P

I remember you recommending Ainz Tulpe. Pity I didn't manage to find Ainz Tulpe the last time I was in Tokyo. :( I did try to find it though.

Btw, have you used Puffy Bounce Cheek before? Is it good?