Saturday, 5 April 2008

Paul & Joe Summer '08

Paul & Joe's summer collection will debut on 6 June in Japan. What's unusual about the collection are the new bodycare products for the legs.

1. Nail Enamel: 3 limited edition shades in 001 Flapper (vivid pink), 002 Wink (orange) and 003 Vamp (cool brown) (1680yen)

2. Emery Board 2008 (525yen)

3. Refreshing Leg Emulsion: Moisturising cream for the legs. (3150yen, 80g)

4.Sheer Leg Powder: The powder particles are coated with a layer of oil which gives the leg powder a creamy texture. This supposedly gives your legs a healthy glow and makes them look slimmer. (2940yen)


Nicole said...

I loveee Paul & Joe, such nice packaging and good products, just wish it was more available here in the US.

Nice blog too, by the way!!

AskMeWhats said...

I am so in love with Paul & Joe products! Both the design and the quality. I love barely there make up looks and with P& J, I can achieve it! Great site you have here :D And I trust japanese make up brands as well and Nice to see a lot of them here in your blog!