Saturday, 5 April 2008

Ipsa Summer '08

The Ipsa Summer '08 collection will be launched on 30 May in Japan. The fruit-themed collection features kiwi, mint and lemon shades for the eyes and juicy cherry pinks and plums for the lips.

1. Face Color: 6 new shades in H842, E111 Honeydew Melon, E171 Kiwi, E271 Fresh Mint, E811 Nectarine and E912 Lemon (2100yen)
2. Essence Lip Stick: 3 new shades in H562 Plum, H853 Mandarin and E511 Peach (3150yen)
3. Essence Lip Gloss: 6 new shades in H571 Mango, H811 Mini Carrot, H461 Guava, E431 American Cherry, E01 Lychee Juicy and Cinnamon. (2625yen)

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