Thursday, 24 April 2008

Shu Uemura Summer '08

Shu Uemura will be releasing its Summer '08 collection on 1 June in Japan. It includes three eyeshadow palettes and three eau de toilettes, all of which are limited edition and priced at 6825yen.

Fleur de Rose
The EDT has top notes of bergamot, orange, lemon, lavender, rosemary, annis, basil and mint; middle notes of mimosa and orange blossom; and bottom notes of cedarwood, sandalwood, vanilla and tonka beans

Fleur de Terre The EDT has top notes of fresh lemon and orange; middle notes of rose, jasmine, ylang ylang and freesia; bottom notes of sage and woody accord.

Fleur de Sur (? not sure of English name). The EDT has top notes of lemon, lavender, annis, blackcurrant; middle notes of orange blossom and jasmine; and bottom notes of coriander and basil.

Boutique Birthday 25: Foundation Kit 2008 (8715yen) which includes Fluid Foundation, UV Underbase, Face Powder Sheer Colorless 3.2g, sponge, Depsea Water in Bergamot, Chamomile and Rose (13mlx3).


Anonymous said...

do you happen to know if the hello kitty anna sui blotters will be brought to sg? or is it japan exclusive? or anywhere sold online?

Yeli said...

oh my! hte first palette looks great! iwonder if it will be available on some site that ships internationally *crossed fingers and hope it will be so*

Haru said...

I'm not sure about the Hello Kitty blotters, probably you can try asking at the counters in sg? Or try as they do custom orders.