Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Coffret D'Or Summer '08

Coffret D'Or will launch its summer collection on 16 June in Japan. Centred around the theme of "Beauty, Power", the collection features a new eyeshadow quad series, Trance Deep Eyes which features a mix of shimmery shades. The quads in the photo don't look that exciting but Coffret D'Or palettes usually look more attractive in real life.

Each palette includes (as shown in the graphic):
(A) Clear Color: translucent pearl shimmer
(B) Shadow Color: with deep colour pearl
(C) Jewel Color: with "stardust pearl"
(D) Line Color: with black pearl shimmer

The collection also includes:
1. Full Memory Rouge (Colour) in 10 shades
2. Full Memory Rouge (Glow) in 10 shades
3. W Styling Eyebrow pencil (OV) in 3 shades
4. W Styling Eyebrow pencil (RO) in 3 shades
5. W Styling Eyebrow Tip Powder in 3 shades
6. W Styling Eyebrow Holder
7. Star Dazzling Liner in 3 new shades
8. Full Styling Rouge (Colour) in 2 new shades
9. Full Styling Rouge (Glow) in 2 new shades


Karelessly in Love said...

Any idea how many quads there will be?

Wow, so many more new lipsticks to its collection!

Anonymous said...

hmm, the arrangement and design looks very dated and old fashioned

would you recommend buying the spring palettes?

Haru said...

There will be 5 new quads.

The spring palettes are quite nice in person, although I've read that they are less pigmented than T'estimo palettes. I haven't been tempted to buy any of them as the color combinations don't really appeal to me so it's really up to your individual preference.