Monday, 2 March 2009

Anna Sui Live Your Dream Launch

Pic of the Anna Sui promotional counter at Takashimaya today for the new Live Your Dream perfume. There is a GWP of a small metallic purple pouch filled with the usual assortment of deluxe sample sized mascaras and skincare for purchase of $150 and you can get an additional cushion if you top up the purchase to an amount that I've forgotten, probably either $180 or $200. You can also get a Live Your Dream notebook and perfume sample with purchase of the 30ml size of the Live Your Dream perfume, with additional freebies like the pink purse thrown in if you get the larger size.

If you purchase any two items that comprise either a loose powder, liquid foundation, face powder or eyeshadow, you can get this black cosmetic case with 3 deluxe skincare samples.

And here are the pics from Kino of the Swak and Cath Kidston mooks!


Kimberly said...


you just gave me massive eye-gasms... PAUL & JOE! PAUL & JOE!!
and i loveeeeee anna sui's line-- that rose scent!! sigh*

miss_waterlily said...

Im sooooo jealous that you have anna sui counters!! I would DIE for them,wawawawa!!

Anyway I hope it launches in UK or whatever soon, if not I hope there are still things left when I go back to China!


Maryda said...

Hi Haru, do U mind if U can do some swatches and pics of the new Shu Uemura Pink collection? All their new pink lipsticks and pink gloss. It's up on the web. :) Thanks a bunch.

Anonymous said...

I had used Anna Sui eyeshadows before. Nice packaging but not very lasting. Still musing (they may have increase their price since it was more than 1 yr ago when I made my last purchase with Anna Sui) whether I should purchase them again for the GWP.

Haru said...

Hi Maryda,

Sorry, I'm incredibly swamped at work this week so I don't think I'll be able to do the swatches.

Unknown said...