Saturday, 7 March 2009

MAC Grand Duos Mineralize Blushes

I took advantage of the Tangs sale to pick up another 3 of the MAC Grand Duos Mineralize Blushes. Aside from the 12% rebate, I also received a $10 beauty voucher, which makes the $44 price tag of these lovelies a bit easier to bear.

Moon River: Love the name of this as the song as sung by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's is one of my favourite classics. But many SAs have been advising the customers that this does not have good color payoff so it mainly serves as a highlighter. I haven't tried it out yet but I like how it looks in the pot, with the icy pinkish beige, pink and icy light purple swirls.

Hot Planet: This looks like a pinkish plum in the pot but when applied, it shows up as more of a light rosy pink shade. Very lovely! I can see myself reaching for this frequently.

Intenso: This may be difficult for very fair skintones to pull off as it has deeper red tones, compared to the others, but the trick is to use a very light hand and slowly build up the color to the desired intensity. This has swirls of orange, beige, cotton candy pink.

My five Grand Duo blushes.

All of my MAC Mineralize blushes.

Hot Planet, Grand Duo and Gentle (bottom)

Gentle (top), Love Rock (bottom left) and Pleasantry (bottom right)

Merrily (top), Intenso and Nuance

These alone can probably last me for the next 5 years! The only blush I've ever managed to finish is MAC Angel which I bought when I was starting work and I used it almost daily. Even then, it last me about 2 years.


Citrine said...

That's a beautiful collection! One of the reasons I like that moon river is because of the name...But for me, 3 coral blushes I have is more than enough...

btw, my friend actually told me that the singing in those Hepburn movies wasn't actually done by Audrey Hepburn herself...Her singing voice isn't pretty enough so they did a voice-over...Unlike Julie Andrew, who both acts and sings...

Haru said...

That is only for My Fair Lady. The version of Moon River in Breakfast in Tiffany's is sung by Audrey Hepburn and the writer of the song said that of all the people who sang the song, Hepburn was the one who sang it the best.

Citrine said...

Oh...It's nice to know, she is beautiful and she sings well...(I have been a classical geeks for so long that I have no clue what went on in the normal music circle...)

Anyway...I will go the the MAC store next week, to see, if Moon River is pretty enough in the Pan, I might just grab it as well as Love I know how those other feel when the collections are released in US way early...

Anonymous said...

its look so pretty..I think Im gonna buy all the blushers hehe :p
btw, nice blog u have, enjoy it so much ^^

Anonymous said...

I only picked up a new lipgloss color from Shu Uemura.