Sunday, 29 March 2009


The RMK counter at Isetan Scotts is now offering this cute GWP with a candle! I didn't ask what the GWP amount is as I did not want to tempt myself into spending just for the GWP. But if you're thinking of making a RMK haul, now would be a good time.


Catherine said...

Oh, that candle is so cute! But knowing what I know about RMK prices... I suppose I should be happy it's not readily available here, lol.

makeupmag said...

Hi Iris!

The RMK counter looks so clean and minimal...just like the packaging of its products! :)

I emailed you a while back; not sure if you received my message.

Anonymous said...

I may try out RMK foundations or base since I heard these are their best selling products.