Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Stila Personal Care Line

Stila is releasing a bodycare line in Japan. This is the first I've heard of Stila putting out a bodycare line so I'm not sure if it will be sold in other countries.

The line consists of body soap (1680yen, 250ml), body lotion (2100yen, 200ml), hair shampoo (1680yen, 250ml), hair conditioner (1890yen, 250ml) and shimmering body powder (3390yen, 30g) in three scents. Romantic Dream is a sweet bouquet and berry; Juicy Vacances is a fresh citrus and peach scent; and Precious Relax is relaxing herb and green apple scent.

The collection will debut on 20 March in Japan.


Tammy said...

Hi Rouge Deluxe,

Been reading your blog recently. I like your magazine n stila updates. I have a question to ask. Is Singapore selling Stila? if yes, are they going to close soon?

In Malaysia, there a big sale going on for Stila cosmetics, Luxasia says it will be last for them. They're clearing all stocks now until Aprl/May and they it's gone forevere in Malaysia.

Is the same thing happening to SG? as we get the impression only US will be selling after this.

Haru said...

hi Miu,

Stila is still being sold at the Escentials counter in Tangs department store. It's also brought in by Luxasia in Singapore. I have a feeling that it won't last long as the Stila head company in the US is reported to be in trouble. The company claims that it has not gone under yet but is refinancing.

Whatever it is, it definitely does not look good.

Tammy said...

yes i am so sad!

:( i guess japan is still doing good since they're bringing in a skincare collection now.

thanks for replaying haru!!!